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Training with project guidance.

Summer -- Winter

Summer / Winter Training Program is a career oriented industrial training certification program for engineering students. It is a rigorous, well-rounded training program that imparts practical knowledge in Automation, Instrumentation, Wireless System, Small Engineering Projects..

We make sure that our courses and projects are relevant to the workforce and will help to Engineerining Students and Industrial Candidates. Although this industrial training program is meant for engineering students, this does not stop undergraduates, graduates, and post graduates from any field to register. All you need to have is a basic understanding of Automation.

We organize Summer / Winter Training programs In-campus or our Training Centers. Engineering colleges / Diploma institutions desirous of organizing Summer / Winter Training programs for your electrical / electronics & Communication / Instrumentation / Mechatronics Students on PLC, SCADA, DRIVES, DCS, HMI etc.

Training Workstations

Praxis Automation's workstations are hardware tools that our customers can use to simulate real-world applications in safe, non production environment. Workstations can serve as handy training, engineering or maintenance tools designed to maximise productivity. During or after training, workstation can be used for hands on practice of programmimg, troubleshooting, and maintenance skills. Workstation is indespensible for maintaining the learned during training, helping you to get the most out of your training investment.


Ovreall benefits to the organization

  • Optimize System Productivity.
  • Maximum Efficiency.
  • Reduce Downtime.
  • Reduce Breakdowns.

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